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Mobile phone access, willingness, and usage for HIV-related services among young adults living in informal urban settlements in Kenya: A cross-sectional analysis
Trauma among Kenyan School Children in Urban and Rural Settings: PTSD Prevalence and Correlates
Implementation research for public sector mental health care scale-up (SMART-DAPPER): a sequential multiple, assignment randomized trial (SMART) of non-specialist-delivered psychotherapy and/or medication for major depressive disorder and posttraumatic st
Alcohol and substance use among first-year students at the University of Nairobi, Kenya: Prevalence and patterns
Where is the global in global mental health? A call for inclusive multicultural collaboration
Effect of Shamiri Layperson-Provided Intervention vs Study Skills Control Intervention for Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents in Kenya A Randomized Clinical Trial
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Kenya: Do We Need a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policy?
Strengthening System and Implementation Research Capacity for Child Mental Health and Family Well‑being in Sub‑Saharan Africa
Applying human-centered design to maximize acceptability, feasibility, and usability of mobile technology supervision in Kenya: a mixed methods pilot study protocol
Incidence of depressive symptoms among sexually abused children in Kenya