Mission, Vision, Core Values


A high-class department for training of quality mental health care professionals, innovative research, policy development and provision of community based healthcare services.


To train high-level mental health care professionals, set and practice international standards in evidence based healthcare provision, carry out innovative research, embrace current and emerging health challenges and guide mental health policy formulation, promote mental health in the community.


1.      Train and produce doctors with adequate mental health knowledge.

2.      Espouse and impart the virtues of professional ethics and moral standards in training research and practice.

3.      Delivery of the best mental healthcare to clients.

4.      Offer specialized investigations to mental health

5.      As resource center for dissemination of mental health information

6.      Conduct high quality research and publications

7.      Promote preventive, curative, rehabilitation and promotive mental health

8.      Deliver assessable, affordable and available mental health care to clients.