The Academic Affairs Division co-ordinates graduate programmes at the University of Nairobi; the division coordinates syllabi and regulations; admission of graduate students; coordination of supervision of graduate programmes; and processing of graduate theses, projects and dissertations. Further, the Academic Affairs Division provides support in sourcing and administration of graduate scholarships and research grants, as well as ensure general welfare and discipline of graduate students.


Enhancement of knowledge, skills and abilities obtained at the master’s level.


The PhD in Clinical Psychology program gears towards independence in scientific and critical thinking with an emphasis on quality research and life-long learning to bring the student to a higher level of competence in Clinical Psychology with special expertise in an area chosen for the thesis.


The main aim of the programme is to produce high-quality graduates with significant communication, leadership, intellectual skills backed by ethics and social responsibility. This emphasizes on the aspect of integrating knowledge and skills acquired from behavioral, clinical and psychiatric sciences and related technologies.


PhD by course work, examination and thesis

The PhD in Clinical Psychology programme in the Department of Psychiatry is by tcoursework, examination and thesis. The minimum duration of the program is three (3) years.

Mode of Delivery

Proposal, progress report and thesis defense is done virtually from thentime of  COVID 19 pandemic.

During the study period, candidate participate in seminars, journal clubs and study fellowships.

PhD students, under the supervision of an academic staff and or an expertise as a supervisor, carry out a research thesis project on a selected topic in Clinical Psychology. Research proposals shall be presented to the Departmental Postgraduate Committee, Faculty Postgraduate  Committee and appropriate ethics committees as may be required by the Faculty.

Admission Requirements

Admission for postgraduate degree programmes is done throughout the year for January and September intakes. Application is done online through the Online Application System: 

Admission Criteria

  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree: The applicants for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree should have a masters degree from the University of Nairobi or an equivalent qualification from institutions recognized by Senate. In addition, the applicants should submit a research proposal showing that they are capable of carrying out original research.

     Documents to be Submitted

  1. KCSE/O-Level  Certificate
  2. Certified copies of undergraduate degree certificate and transcripts
  3. Applicants with KCSE C (plain) to attach certified copy of diploma  from KNEC in addition to those stated in 1 & 2
  4. Applicants with KCSE C- (minus)  to attach certified copies of a certificate and a diploma in addition to those stated in 1 & 2
  5. Certified copies of masters degree certificate and transcripts

Schedule of Intakes:

The program commences every September. Enrollment is continuous. More information on the application can be obtained from application system.

Application Procedure

Application done at Online Self Sponsored Students Application System

Download Application procedure here for guidance.

For further information on Postgraduate Studies and admissions, please contact:

Deputy Registrar (Postgraduate Studies)
P.O. Box 30197 00100, NAIROBI
Telephone Number: 020 491 0000
E-mail: General correspondence:

E-mil: Admission correspondence:

Career Prospects & Attachment Opportunities:

Upon completion can become a consultant in Clinical Psychology, become  a lecturer and/or become a clinical psychologist in any public institution whether educational or health related.

Notable Alumni

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   YEAR 1   YEAR 2   YEAR 3    TOTALS 
TUITION                        756,000.00                    756,000.00                  756,000.00                           2,268,000.00
ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                             7,000.00                        7,000.00                       7,000.00                                 21,000.00
THESIS EXAMINATION                                          -                                       -                      50,000.00                                 50,000.00
REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                             4,500.00                        4,500.00                       4,500.00                                 13,500.00
ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                             1,000.00                        1,000.00                       1,000.00                                   3,000.00
CAUTION - (ONCE)                             5,000.00                                     -                                      -                                     5,000.00
MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                             6,500.00                        6,500.00                       6,500.00                                 19,500.00
ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                             2,000.00                        2,000.00                       2,000.00                                   6,000.00
LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                             5,000.00                        5,000.00                       5,000.00                                 15,000.00
STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                             1,000.00                        1,000.00                       1,000.00                                   3,000.00
Grand totals           788,000.00        783,000.00      833,000.00            2,404,000.00