Undergraduate Initiatives
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The Undergraduate students from various levels in the department of psychiatry are involved in active championing of the mental health subject among the student population. This was initiated by Taseer Feroze Din, Lynda Nyamute and Christian Kim Mangoa among other students, after observing a gap in mental health awareness among fellow students.

Some of the initiatives that they have taken include developing a short video clip based on the various aspects of mental health that affect students in schools of higher learning. This clip, which was directed and edited by the students with advice from Dr. Muthoni Mathai, is an example of how students can be powerful agents of behavior change and influence within the student population.

Other students have taken up research projects as part of their course units and are exploring topics ranging from Depression among students to wider social issues such as depression amongst Obstetric fistula sufferers. With the help of the Linked Mental Health Project and the Resource Center, the students are in the later stages of their projects.

It is hoped that this culture of thorough examination of social and medical issues through research will be inculcated in the students who pass through the Department of Psychiatry.

To watch the Mental Health Awareness video click

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