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There will be a disaster Management Sensitization Session in each of the
Campuses as indicated below:-

   DATE              CAMPUS
1.23/4/2015   •Main Campus
                       •Dental School

2.24/4/2015   •Chiromo Campus
                       •College of Health Sciences (KNH)

3.28/4/2015   •Kenya Science Campus

Beware of False Terror Alarms

There are deceiving and alarming messages circulating in social media to the effect that a University of Nairobi Campus has been earmarked for a terror attack and that a grenade has been sighted in the University.

Terror Alert

Intelligence reports indicate that the al shabaab terror group is planning
retaliatory attacks on vital installations in Nairobi including a major
University. The information is already being processed by the relevant
government agencies with an objective of putting necessary measures in
place to foil any such attempts.

You are hereby advised to continue being vigilant and diligent while in

Linked Mental Health Project Make Presentations to NIH

Anastacia Polkovnikova making her Presentation 

NIH Visits PRIME-K at the University of Nairobi


(Principal Investigator, Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage gives opening remarks during the MEPI site meeting)

SPSS Training for Investigators

Contact Person: 

Research Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

General Information About the Department of Psychiatry

Contact Person: 

Prof. M. Kuria - The Chairman, Department of Psychiatry

Clinical Psychology Visits Resource Center(KNH )


The Department of Mental Health, Kenyatta National Hospital's newly admitted students of Clinical Psychology paid a visit to the Resource Center on 2nd February, 2015, and were oriented to the various services and facilities available.

Contact Person: 

Research Coordinator, Dept. of Psychiatry

Upcoming SPSS Training for Investigators

A past training in progress at the Resource Center

Contact Person: 

Research Coordinator, Dept. of Psychiatry

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