Linked Mental Health Project Make Presentations to NIH
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Anastacia Polkovnikova making her Presentation 

The National Institute of Health (NIH) team which was on a review mission of the MEPI (PRIME-K) Project at the University of Nairobi, paid a call to the NIH-Funded Linked Mental Health Project at the Department of Psychiatry. Led by the College of Health Sciences principal Prof. Isaac Kibwage, who also doubles up as the Principal Investigator in the PRIME-K project, the team met with the Investigating team from the Linked Mental Health Project.

Principal Investigator (K) Dr. Muthoni Mathai, The Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, Prof. Mary Kuria; the other investigators in the Linked Mental Health Project (Prof. Violet Kimani, Dr. Beatrice Amugune, Dr. Anne Obondo and Dr. Manasi Kumar) and the staff at the Project (Dr. Anne Mbwayo - Administrator, and George Khamati - Research Coordinator) briefed the team on the progress of the Linked Project as well as the posterity measures being taken to ensure that the activities of the project outlast the period of the grant which comes to end in August 2015.

The NIH team congratulated the investigation team for their courage and success in winning the award through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The Mental Health Award was the only mental health project that was awarded an award by the NIH.

The NIH team was then taken through the various presentations made by the student-beneficiaries of the project. Some of the presenters included Anastacia Polkovnikova, Elizabeth Khaemba, Obadiah Yator, Anne Gitere, Fidelis Mbagara and Rachel Maina. The NIH team was impressed with the thorough research and presentations made, and encouraged the presenters to publish their work so that it could be shared with the greater scientific community.

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