Upcoming SPSS Training for Investigators
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A past training in progress at the Resource Center

The Department of Psychiatry in collaboration with the Linked Mental Health Project will conduct three-day training on SPSS for Investigators in the Linked Mental Health Project and the faculty members. The training will commence from Monday 10th February to  Wednesday 12th February, 2015. The forums will run daily between 9:00am to 1:00pm.

The training will take place at the Projects Resource Center, located at the Patient Support Center in the KNH Mental Health Department.

The training is expected to impart quantitative data handling, entry and analysis skills to the investigators and the Faculty, most of who are supervisors to the Masters students in the department.

Speaking of the training and welcoming the faculty to the event, the chairman of the department Prof. Kuria said that the training is very essential and timely especially at this time when the department is making strides in developing a strong Mental Health Research Team. "The scientific world is very dynamic and we cannot afford to be left behind, and more so in light of the ever changing methodologies in research. So I welcome all the investigators and Faculty members to the training."

Speaking on the same, Dr. Mathai Muthoni, the Co-PI; Linked Mental Health Project said that the training is expected to refresh the participants' knowledge in quantitative research. "There are so many things that are emerging in quantitative data methodologies which are a benefit to medical research in general. That is what we expect to share in the forum. The trainers invited have the most up-to-date knowledge and experience in using SPSS. We hope that we shall tap and use these skills to strengthen our work both as researchers and mentors in Mental Health."



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Research Coordinator, Dept. of Psychiatry

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