Dr. Beverly Pringle Visits the Department of Psychiatry
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Dr. Beverly Pringle from the National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH, USA, visited and held a fruitful day with faculty, students, staff from Linked Mental Health Project and Pam-D, staff from mental Health Department of Kenyatta National teaching and Referral Hospital and other invited Researchers. After a brief meeting with the Dean, School of Medicine, the College of Health Sciences, CHS, and a visit to the Linked Mental Health Resource Centre, situated in the Department of Mental Health in KNH, she met the investigators of Linked Mental Health project and Pam-D and all the students who have benefitted from the two projects.

The PIs of the two projects gave a highlight of their projects and the achieved outputs to date. The students then gave a summary of the studies that they have carried out with the seed grants from the Linked Mental Health Project. The co-investigators from the three thematic groups in the linked mental health project gave a summary of their activities.

In the afternoon, after lunch, Dr. Beverly Pringle gave a talk on how to go about applying for grants from NIMH, what to look. This was emphasized so that one is aware on whether they qualify to apply or not. The different application mechanisms were highlighted for the team. Most importantly, the group was advised not to give up even when they do not succeed after a first attempt, the importance of reading the comments given by reviewers if any as they provide useful lessons for future application.

After a question and answer session, the presentations ended at 4 pm. Prof. Wangari Kuria, Chairman, Department of Psychiatry gave a vote of thanks.

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