Mental Health-Enhanced Economic Empowerment Initiatives
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Dr. Muthoni Mathai is involved in a project by the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and National Health and Development Organization (NAHEDO). The Principal investigator is Prof Larissa Jennings, PhD MHS from the John Hopkins University, while Dr. Muthoni, MBChB M.Med PhD is the Kenyan Co-Investigator

The title of the study is Mental Health-Enhanced Economic Empowerment Initiatives for HIV Prevention among Youth Living in Urban Slums in Kenya: Phase I

The aim of the study is to understand the socio-economic context of youth’s HIV vulnerability in two urban slums (Kawangware and Korogocho) in Nairobi, Kenya. The study also examines what youth think about HIV preventive economic interventions provided on their mobile phones. The study involves male and female youth and young adults aged 15 to 22 years. Research Coordinator, George Khamati, M. Medical Anthropology, is leading the data collection, mainly through focus group discussions.

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Dr. Muthoni Mathai

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