Recruitment for the Third Proposal Training Workshop for the Masters students
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In line with the Aim 2 of the Linked Mental Health Project, The Department of Psychiatry has kicked off the Recruitment of the Masters students for the Third Proposal Training Workshop which will be held from 13th - 18th October, 2014. This process is meant to get a total of 15 Masters Students who will do their research in the three thematic areas of Mental Health in their respective schools and department. These thematic areas are; Maternal Depression and  Child Health Outcome, Substance Use and Social Media, and Gender Based Violence.

The target students are from the various Schools and Department in the College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi; S.O Pharmacy, S.O Nursing, S.O Medicine, and S.O Public Health. The process is spearheaded by Dr. Muthoni Mathai (the P.I. Linked Mental Health Project, Department of Psychiatry).

For more information on recruitment visit the Resource Center, located at the Kenyatta National Hospital Mental Health Department (formerly, Patient Support Center)


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Contact Person: 

Dr. Anne Mbwayo 0733 823 896 (Administrator - Linked Mental Health Project)

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