Welcome Back Dr. Sobbie Mulindi
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University of Nairobi

We would like to welcome Dr. Sobbie Mulindi back to the department of Psychiatry
after successfully serving The National AIDS CONTROL COUNCIL from 2008 to

Dr. mulindi brings back a wealth of experience in Training and capacity building in mental health, mentorship, supporting the design and implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review of programmes.

He has worked with stakeholders in developing guidelines, protocols, policies and strategic plans, and has more than twenty years of professional work in the area of HIV/AIDS and Injury Prevention, Crisis and Disaster Management. Significant experience with United Nations, Government Donor Community, NGOs and Civil Society, and more recently, the National AIDS Control Council

The Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Mary Kuria has welcomed the move and termed is as one of the best addition in the Faculty.

Contact Person: 

The Chairman, Department of Psychiatry

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