Psycho-Trauma and GBV Thematic Group Retreat
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Location / Venue: 

The Simba Lodge, Naivasha

The Psycho-Trauma and GBV thematic group took a Proposal Writing Retreat from 30th June to 3rd July 2014. The four days retreat took place at the Simba Lodge, Naivasha, and attracted a collaboration between the faculty members in the department of psychiatry University of Nairobi and University of Washington - Seattle, who have interests in the thematic group.

During the retreat, the group had an ample time to write a grant proposal. This in respect of the aims of the Linked Mental Health Project, where it is envisaged that the faculty are involved in developing grant research proposal to create sustainability of the project.

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Contact Person: 

Dr. Anne Mbwayo, Administrator, Linked Mental Health Project

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