Successful Mental Health MEPI Linked Training
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Location / Venue: 

College of Health Sciences, UNITID Conference room.

The Mental Health MEPI Linked Training which took place from 14th October, 2013 and attended by close to 40 participants - both faculty and trainees - saw a successful close after thorough and rigorous two weeks sessions running. the Training which was facilitated by collaboration work of the University of Nairobi, CHS (Department of Psychiatry) and the University of Washington, saw a successful graduation of 15 Masters students (MMed. Psychiatry, MSc. Clinical Psychology, MPH, MSc. Nursing and M. Pharmacy) in the field of Research. The training covered various fiels of research from Time management to Ethics, Research Question generation, Research Designs and frameworks, Qualitative and Quantitative methods, Operationalization of the Questions, Measurements, Analysis, Scientific writing, Grant Proposal writing and Interpreting statistics.

The training saw the collaboration of research skills from both Universities as exchange of knowledge and expertise resulted to a highly charged scientific research seminar, producing quality graduates. Some of the faculty that made presentations include: Deepa Rao (UW PI), Ann Vanderstoep (UW co-Investigator), Michelle Garrison (UW Mentor), Dennis Donovan (UW Mentor), Prof. Violet Kimani (UoN - Qualitative Research), Dr. Mary Kuria (UoN - Substance Abuse), Dr. Muthoni Mathai (UoN PI and GBV), Dr. Beatrice Amugune (UoN - Ethics), Dr. Manasi Kumar (UoN - MCH).

The students had the opportunity to interact with the wealth of experience from the faculty during the participatory group work sessions.

The participants indicated that the training was very helpful and the students were upbeat to have their proposals done soon enough and with more insight. The faculty from UoN were satisfied with the participation exhibited by the students and hoped to see them develop quality research proposals in good time.


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