Linked Mental Health Award - Official Opening of Resource Centre
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Patient Support Centre, Kenyatta National Hospital

On 14th October 2013 the College of Health Sciences saw the official opening of a resource center unit at the Patient Support Center, Kenyatta National Hospital.

The project was funded through NIH which is linked to PRIME-K. Opening of the resource center specifically addressed activities of the third aim of the project. This was carried out as collaboration between the University of Nairobi and the University of Washington having lasted for a period of a year. The College of Health Sciences appreciated the opportunity and support provided in collaboration with University of Washington.

About 30% of patients attending the out-patient department have mental issues and not organic problems. The importance of revolutionizing teaching ways to include use of technology that includes both physical and virtual space for learning was noted. It was therefore expected that there would be more publications on mental health services from the students. The Dean, School of Medicine, Prof. C. Omwandho promised to donate four computers to support mental services.

Those who attended the event were among others, Prof. Zipporah Ngumi representing the Principal CHS Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage, Prof. Charles Omwandho, Dean School of Medicine, Prof. Mary Kuria, Mr. Collins Owek, Program Manager representing Prof. James Kiarie, Principal investigator PRIME-K.


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