Terror Alert
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Intelligence reports indicate that the al shabaab terror group is planning
retaliatory attacks on vital installations in Nairobi including a major
University. The information is already being processed by the relevant
government agencies with an objective of putting necessary measures in
place to foil any such attempts.

You are hereby advised to continue being vigilant and diligent while in
the University and other crowded places. Be conscious of any suspicious
persons and/or luggage as you go about your daily schedules.

Please report any security concerns by calling the University control room
on any of the following numbers 0717035268, 0750982391, 0731453263,
020-2319186, 020-2319172, 020-318262 or the nearest security office.

We reaffirm our commitment to always ensure a safe and secure environment
for the University community and property.


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