Research in Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Presentations
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Prof Mary Kuria, the chair of the department of Psychiatry made a presentation on Research in Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders during the second day of the KPA annual Scientific Conference currently underway in Eldoret's Noble Hotel. Prof Kuria, who is also the head of the ASUD Thematic Research area in the Linked Mental Health Project, highlighted the scope of research in ASUD.

During the session, Rachel Maina and Jacqueline Anundo made presentations on the same topic. The two are beneficiaries of the Linked Mental Health Project mentorship programmes. Rachel presented on Substance Use Literacy, Adherence to HIV medication and addiction severity among adult substance users in Naivasha County Hospital (Kenya), while Jacqueline presented on Prevalence of Depression among HIV Positive Female IUDs (Injecting Drug Users).

The members of the plenary congratulated the presenters and showed interest in joining the reserach fields in ASUD. They showed the need for the University of Nairobi to sub specialize so as to go indepth. Other members asked the researchers to re-evaluate their motive for research and not just use research for promotions only.

Dr. Kiima (The National Director of Mental Health) urged the members to pursue research in multi disciplinary and inter sectional approach to develop a Kenyan approach to Substance Abuse, so as to develop the role of research in devolved system.

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