Life-Work Balance
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The KPA Annual Scientific Conference got into the second session of the second day sub themed 'Life Work Balance.' In the session moderated by Prof Mary Kuria, the presenters urged the members to take a lot of care in maintaining this balance.

Dr. Okonji and Dr. Nguithi made their presentation on the need for the mental health practitioners to create a balance between the work, family and the self. They urged the members to ensure that family ties and friendships are sustained so as not to fall prey of 'professional slavery.'

Dr. Mutiso presented on the topic of Spirituality and how it relates to the profession both as care givers and on their own life. "Understanding and incorporating spirituality in therapy cannot be ignored since most of our patients come to us [psychiatrists] as a third or even more option. And when they do, they have visited the spiritual leaders."

Dr. Frank Njenga challenged the members to change their tact in research and seek to explore the opportunities in the emerging socal, economic and political spheres. He cautioned the members from using the same methodologies yet expecting different outcomes. "Sometimes it is more useful to do outside of the mainstream of the profession and become a product of cross fertilization. And remember you have a better product of cross-fertilization. We should stop this professional incest."

Finally, Dr. Njenga urged the members to embrace technology in developing the Psychiatric and Mental Health Profession.

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